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Show Notes 06 June 2010


Tonight on the program we celebrated our 200th show and we let the conversation flow on it's own. Among some of the discussion we talked about was...

Are Cameras The New Guns? We explored a story that discussed the fact that there are 3 states (and more pending) who have adopted new laws that will charge you for "wire-tapping" if you video an on-duty officer, even if the information is needed for your defense. Here is a news tidbit and the accompanying video that is spoken of...

A recent arrest in Maryland is both typical and disturbing.

On March 5, 24-year-old Anthony John Graber III's motorcycle was pulled over for speeding. He is currently facing criminal charges for a video he recorded on his helmet-mounted camera during the traffic stop.

The case is disturbing because:

1) Graber was not arrested immediately. Ten days after the encounter, he posted some of he material to YouTube, and it embarrassed Trooper J. D. Uhler. The trooper, who was in plainclothes and an unmarked car, jumped out waving a gun and screaming. Only later did Uhler identify himself as a police officer. When the YouTube video was discovered the police got a warrant against Graber, searched his parents' house (where he presumably lives), seized equipment, and charged him with a violation of wiretapping law.

2) Baltimore criminal defense attorney Steven D. Silverman said he had never heard of the Maryland wiretap law being used in this manner. In other words, Maryland has joined the expanding trend of criminalizing the act of recording police abuse. Silverman surmises, "It's more [about] ‘contempt of cop' than the violation of the wiretapping law."

3) Police spokesman Gregory M. Shipley is defending the pursuit of charges against Graber, denying that it is "some capricious retribution" and citing as justification the particularly egregious nature of Graber's traffic offenses. Oddly, however, the offenses were not so egregious as to cause his arrest before the video appeared.

Next on the show we discussed a lot of gathered topics with our friend Jason from Delaware regarding illegal immigrants, what to do about them, subsidized employment, homeless, government, regulation and more. Jason, Lady B and I all discussed these issues and some possible solutions. It seems to us that the common man has great ideas but the government does not want to hear them. Take for example the gentleman from Pennsylvania who developed a kitty litter styled product that would absorb the oil from the spill in the Gulf of Mexico and form it into easy to clean balls. Has he gotten any calls yet....NO!

Later, our good friend Jack Hosley from Wander Radio stopped by to congratulate us on 200 shows and we discussed the Entertainment Weekly Top 100 Characters of the Last 20 Years. The top ten from the list are:

10. SpongeBob SquarePants from SpongeBob SquarePants
9. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City
8. Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs and its sequels
7. Edward Scissorhands from Edward Scissorhands
6. Rachel Green from Friends
5. The Joker from The Dark Knight
4. Tony Soprano from The Sopranos
3. Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2. Harry Potter from the Harry Potter series
1. Homer Simpson from The Simpsons

Do you agree with any of these choices. We had quite the debate on the number one selection. Who do you think the number one should have been? We'd like to know. Email us and let us know. We felt that Matt Foley should have been on the one knew who he was. Now you

Oh, and was it necessary that this made the top 100??? Really???

So there it is...we had a great time. We thank all the guests who have graced our show, we thank all the staff who have come and gone and we thank YOU the listener for coming each time and listening each week. We Love Ya!

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