Sunday, June 27, 2010

Show Notes - 06/27/2010

Tonight on the show, we talked about a nice handful of relevant topics including the story that broke last week regarding the potential lawsuit that McDonald's is facing by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). CSPI states that, "By advertising that Happy Meals include toys, McDonald's unfairly and deceptively markets directly to children. When McDonald's bombards children with advertisements or other marketing for Happy Meals with toys, many children will pester their parents to take them to McDonald's." I do not agree with this statement and who allows an advocacy group like CSPI to make these parental decisions for us?

I say that McDonald's has been a stand-up leader in making improvements to place health-conscious food items on their menu. That gives us the choice and that is what freedom is all about; the ability to make our own rational decisions. I, for one, sincerely hope McDonald's fights this tooth, nail, cheese and pickle! First of all, the Happy Meal that you see advertised mostly is a 4-piece Chicken McNuggets, apple slices and 1% low-fat milk. Give me a break...I mean it, I deserve a break today! Find something relevant to bark about and leave the parenting up to parents!


New listener, Karen from New York wrote in and commented on our discussion about new banking fees and she says:

More like bank of Idiots! Let me tell you about this bank. I had an account with them for more then 3 years, my balance was $8,000 which was a lot, but I made my payments on time and all of sudden, I noticed that my balance was more. I am thinking hmm, so I called and this guy tells me, well you have to be an idiot not to know you pay back more then what you have in your account. I said but I am paying $150 a month and your charging me $152 in interest, I would never pay this off, and that my dear is not legal, well after an hour of arguing with this nincompoop, I said well, you will hear from me again. I e-mailed the attorney generals office, and yes you guessed it, it is indeed illegal, as any idiot would of known if they had a brain (which obviously he did not). Not only did they have to lower my interest (actually gave me no interest for a year) they returned $1000 to me. So just so people know there is always a bigger power out there to go to. Oh by the way, I paid off the balance after a year and called back the guy who I spoke to and said "now who is the idiot"?

We could not have said it better. Thanks for the email Karen and for your listener-ship!

Delaware will be the eighth state to pass a state-wide cell phone ban while driving. The new law, if signed, will call for headsets or wireless (Bluetooth) to be worn to use your cell phone. Holding your phone and either talking, texting or using the Internet will be illegal. We have some problems with the law. We love the idea, but there are one or two loop-holes. Can you guess what they are? Listen to the show for more. Also, visit the link below for more information on this bill. The bill has been sent to Governor Jack Markell for his signature and it is expected to be signed into law in early July.

We went over the status of the tropical depression, Alex and why hurricanes are being watched ever so closely these days because of the situation in the Gulf of Mexico. We are still wondering that while they are still trying to figure out how to cap the leak, why not place a bounty on the oil so that the cleanup can move along faster. Placing a bounty on the oil would put many people on the cleanup because they will exercise FREE ENTERPRISE which would stimulate the economy.

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