Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Show Notes - 06/29/2010

We started out the show tonight in an informative mood; we had Chief Meteorologist Sean Sublette (WSET-TV Lynchburg,VA) stop in to explain a few things to us regarding these predicted "fierce" hurricanes. Sean explained that la Nina is the cause for some of this violent weather and he also straightened us out on something. He said that contrary to what you may or may not have read/seen, a hurricane that rides the Eastern Seaboard from the Southeast will not bring oil up the shorelines. Of course if a bad hurricane comes wandering into the Gulf of Mexico then there would be some problems with oil damage. Sean also said that he is watching Tropical Storm Alex and he said that it should hit Texas somewhere about the Rio Grande River on Wednesday morning as a Category 1 hurricane.

Next up, Jack Hosley returns to Behind The Mike. Jack runs a very entertaining podcast called "Wander Radio". On the program, Jack brings to his listeners the very best unsigned music from around the globe, music and entertainment news, audio book reviews and news and so much more. Now Jack brought up a new concept that he is doing (which is an old concept to him); he will be getting back into doing radio dramas. One of the things he announced was that Wander Radio Productions will be releasing a serialized version of "Treasure Island" soon and he brought along a sneak peek for us to listen to. The plan is for 34 episodes that will appear on the Wander Radio podcast.

Other things we discussed was our show's common interests with music and we discussed some of the differences between major labels and independent labels and differences in music yesterday and today. We also compared interview techniques and how we prepare for shows in our own ways. Basically, some of the material on the show tonight could be used as a learning lesson for anyone looking to start podcasting. Of course, everyone has their own way of doing things but this is just ours.

Finally, we took a caller (Judy in PA) and she was adding to our conversation about audio book readers, namely Scott Brick, who was interviewed on the Behind The Mike Show (Show 109).

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