Sunday, June 13, 2010

Show Notes 13 June 2010

DAY 55

First up on the program, we interviewed the Seattle-based Alternative band Feral Children. We spoke about their "different" music style and we featured some of their tracks; On A Frozen Beach and Universe Design. Both songs were very cool, electric and yes, different. We found out that one of the interesting things about them is that they write their lyrics last after the melody of the song is complete. It seems like it would not work, but they tell us that it is the biggest part of the process to have a great melody first. We agree. Check out the band's web sites and take a listen to their music.

Later on the program, we spoke with Special Effects & Stunt Coordinator Steve Wolf of Wolf Stuntworks LLC regarding the BP oil spill. Now why would we speak to a Hollywood FX dude regarding this? Well, Steve is among other Hollywood folks who have offered their ideas and services to BP to help contain and clean up this mess in the Gulf of Mexico. For example, James Cameron (Director, Titanic) has offered his underwater HD camera systems for the site so BP has the clearest available picture for working on the leak. He was refused. Steve submitted a four part plan with scientific solutions to stopping the leak and an entrepreneurial solution to the cleanup. He was sent a form letter stating they will look into it. Why do they have the right to refuse help? At showtime, we are at 55 days of this tragedy. It is time for OUR government to step up, step in and fix this problem that is in OUR backyard.

Check out Steve Wolf's Plan - This is a PDF of the presentation he sent to British Petroleum.

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Feral Children (Music) at Sarathan Records
Crown Weather - Oil Spill Page (Scary)

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