Monday, July 05, 2010

Show Notes - 07/04/2010

Greetings to everyone on this Sunday, the 4th of July!

Joel and the rest of the gang have the day off so the pretty show notes you usually see here are may be not as pretty today.  As this is a holiday weekend, many of you may be listening to the show later and as always, there is plenty of opportunity to do that.  The show will be available here on this blog and I will also try and see if Joel can release it as a podcast as well in the future.


Michael Schwartz paid us another visit and we explored more on the symbolism of diseases and how to naturally work on the body's ailments. We spoke about pain, clotting, healthy eating and Michael's current radio series on cancer. Michael will be appearing on a book tour in selected cities to promote the book Symbology of Disease and you can find out more by visiting his links.

Later, we discussed the lag in health care in the United States and also spoke about, in conjunction with Micheal's visit, how paying attention to the body and diet and perhaps we would not need so much medical attention.

Michael's Health
Inner Health Books
Michael's Radio Show

  We also featured some holiday music on the show this week.  My thanks goes to the folks at Airplay Direct for providing these fine artists.  Specifically, the artists we featured on the show were Ray Stevens who opened the show with the Pledge of Allegiance (and you thought he could only be married to Ethel in The Streak didn't ya?) and Lee Greenwood with his version of God Bless the USA.  We also featured a tribute to the fallen heroes and a remembrance to  those who lost their lives tragically in the World Trade Center Attack on 9/11.

Remember people....... It is because of the people who fight and die in our military units around the world that help to keep this country separate from all of the others out there.    It is......

The Home of the Free .... Because of the Brave.....

Have a safe holiday weekend!


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