Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Show Notes - 07/06/2010


Tonight on the show, Host Joel Michalec turned into a tech support facilitator with the help of Tony Richards and covered some tech issues and offered free advice to any callers.

First up - what to look at when your computer is running slow. Look at the following items:

  • Bad/Corrupt OS
  • Viruses, Trojans, Spyware
  • Overheating PC/Clean Case
  • Short on Hard Disk Space
  • Registry Requires Optimizing
  • Hard Drive Fragmented (run MS Defrag)

If you do not have an Anti-Virus program installed please get one. Here are two good choices and you can even run both of these to double your protection:

AVG Free - http://free.avg.com/
MS Security Essentials - http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/

Next we discussed Facebook security, or more aptly social media security and the fact that you have to be sure that you:

  • Know your friends
  • Tighten your privacy settings

Every time that Facebook updates their software which rounds out to a couple times per year, it sling shots your privacy settings back to default, which is bad. So you have to regularly check the settings and see if they are the way that you want them. Also, keep in mind that the apps on Facebook (like Mafia Wars, Farmville, etc.) are third party apps that, when used, are given your permission to collect and use your personal information. So please be careful when you decide to play these apps...even the TRIVIA!

In chat we were asked about our opinion on a PHP Editor. We sent the following link along to help them make a decision:


Have a question for Joel & Tony? Email us at Studio AT BehindTheMike.info For more serious concerns, email PCTechRescue AT Gmail.com

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Reality One Radio said...

Note from Tony:

***Clarification: *** On the show, we mention using the System File Checker to validate your Windows files. The correct syntax for the command line is as follows:

Open a window by holding down the Windows key and hitting the letter R or clicking Run from the start menu and typing "cmd" without the quotes in the box. When the window opens, type the following and press Return or Enter

sfc /scannow

Follow the prompts.

To close this window, type exit or click on the X

Joel Michalec said...

My thanks to Tony for adding that piece that we did as it is very important when trying to research a slow-moving PC.