Sunday, July 11, 2010

Show Notes - 07/11/2010

Tonight on the show we started off by discussing a news story regarding President Obama's concerns that the Democrats may lose control in the House with this Fall's upcoming mid-term elections. Boo-Hoo! Perhaps we need a serious change and maybe that means some seats that are up for re-election should be filled by Americans for Americans. What's your opinion?

Next, we spoke with Amy Norris and Craig Bishop who work on the web site, The Ultimate Grease 2 Fan Site. Boy, what a site. There is some serious dedication going on there and we just had to get them on the show and talk about the site and how into Grease 2 they are. Well, we found out that Joel is as crazy into it as they are...OK, they are really into it. We talked about the site's start, it's several incarnations (all of them for good reason) and the content involved. Amy said the site is about 75 pages strong and she had plenty more stuff not yet archived.

Craig talked about his involvement including the success story of him putting together a reunion of cast members at a 35MM screening of Grease 2. He was able to secure Christopher McDonald (Goose), Lorna Luft (Paulette Rebchuck), Leif Green (Davey Jaworski) and more. Craig said that Christopher was a great person and listen to the show archive to hear the story but it sounds like he is 100% approachable.

Amy reports that at this year's Outfest, Grease 2 was selected as the festival's Sing-A-Long movie at the ampitheater so it will again hit the big screen. Visit the link below for more information regarding Outfest.

Finally to wrap up a great show, we interviewed Singer/Songwriter Nick Driver and featured music from his CD release, Warm is Your Color. Nick has a great soothing sound and he could sooth the soul after a rough day (we know, we completed that experiment in the Behind The Mike labs). We featured Young & Beautiful and Gardens and received some great comments about his voice. We agree with all of them. Check out his link below and definitely get his CD.

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Nick Driver Official Web Site

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