Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Show Notes - 07/13/2010

Celebrating LIVE AID: 25 Years - July 13, 1985 Wembley Stadium, London ◄►JFK Stadium, Philadelphia

25 years ago, Bob Geldof and Midge Ure had an idea to bring musicians together for a musical benefit raining money for the hungry. It turned out to be the largest satellite link up broadcast ever. 171,000 attended live between Wembley (72,000) and JFK (99,000) and an estimated 2 billion televisions were tuned in.

We spoke about the event tonight on the show. Joel discussed where he was and what he was doing that day and also the fact that he was taping it on VHS and made his big sister stay home from a date while he went to work to make sure she changed the tapes. That day became a generation's "where were you when" moment in history.

We were hoping for some phone calls from listeners telling us what they were doing that day and to reveal their memories. Luckily we had a great response on the Facebook page and some of the stories there were great. One woman who attended got herself a Live Aid flag and has it matted and framed. Good for her, wish I had one.

Mention MUST be given to a website that is on the world wide web that pays great homage to the Live Aid experience. The name of the web site is The Definitive Live Aid Site and it is packed with great information. The most intriguing part of the site is the dedication to time lines of every artist and song that was aired. His site is worthy of a look and you should. We did try to have him on the show but being in France we were not able to negotiate the times with such short notice.

Later in the show we spoke to Tony Peters who is the host of the radio show on Blog Talk Radio, Icon Fetch. Tony seems to have had a day similar to Joel's in getting up early for Live Aid and taking every minute in that he could. Tony mentioned Phil Collins, how great it was that he played the concert at both venues on the same day..something no performer has done again to this day. How U2 was a small time band until they appeared on Live Aid thus launching their worldwide career.

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