Sunday, July 18, 2010

Show Notes - 07/18/2010

We tackled some key issues tonight in the first hour of the broadcast including the finding of a 30 foot 18th century ship hull and 100 pound anchor at approximately 30 feet below street level at the World Trade Center site. Archeologists working at the site said that the site is probably a purposely created landfill site for the purpose of extending the Hudson River shoreline to build up Manhattan. Therefore the ship may have been placed there for that extension project. It would be interesting to see what else they may find that was used for the landfill so many years ago.

Now speaking of the World Trade Center site, we also spoke of a very hot-topic issue and that is the recent approval of the erection of a 13 story Islamic mosque and community center just yards away from Ground Zero. How in the world does an American assembly of officials approve an Islamic mosque at the site where AMERICANS died at the hands of Islamic Jihadists?! Can someone explain that you us because we are having a great hard time figuring this out. How dare they have the audacity to even think that this sacred ground can be poisoned with their place of worship. We will definitely be covering this and have some audio next Sunday here on Behind The Mike.

BP and the Feds are arguing again over the fact that the cap which was just placed on the oil gusher may have to be taken off due to an influx of pressure and gases. Now, again, we find ourselves asking the same question; why does no one at BP think of these problems before they do something? I mean, c'mon, is the Federal government running BP? Who do these jackwagons think they are? So this seems to tell us that the problems with the Gulf crisis may not yet be finished.

Later on the program was our monthly installment of Ideas For A Challenging Economy with Kay Stout. Kay is our resident career expert and adviser and she came along to speak about some trends in the employment part of our society. Kay happily related to us that there is some strength showing in that more people are leaving their current employ for a better opportunity and that shows a level of growth.

Kay and Tony chatted about some resume ideas on how to write an effective resume including using keywords and action verbs throughout to gain you better results. Kay offers many services including resume review and you can contact her with more information.

We also discussed outsourcing and how it has affected our society. Kay took two approaches on that including a good example and a bad example. To explain, she mentioned how a service company sending their call center work off-shore is a short term disaster for customer retention and profits. Then she pointed out that a company that outsources it's manufacturing to say, China or Vietnam can use these savings to point money and resources into research and thus creating new domestic jobs. Joel introduced the idea of insourcing whereas people can utilize this practice to do a home-based start up and take on some of the call center or data entry work that gets shipped offshore thus creating stimulus in the job market and therefore the economy.

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