Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Show Notes - 07/20/2010

Mel Gibson was our first topic of discussion on the show and why not? The foul-mouthed actor, who has not starred in a movie since Signs (2002) has been taped having a vulgar tirade of conversation with his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. We certainly are not counting on seeing much of Mel anytime soon, if ever, after this and the fact that not so long ago, he had his moment of anti-semitic remarks in 2006. Way to go Mel. Where's Danny Glover when you need him?

Next up, the Wake County (NC) School Board in an attempt to re-arrange transportation of students and stop the diversity policy were disrupted when a crowd of protesters gathered and began shouting about the school board trying to re-segregate minorities. Please! Can we stop all of this racial bull? Every time a minority interprets anything the way that they see fit, it gives them some godforsaken right to play the race card. It's not always because you are African-American so GET OVER YOURSELVES!

We also covered the news blast of NC Representative, Joe Hackney (D-NC). Joe is in his FIFTEENTH term (can you spell T E R M L I M I T S) and the NC Speaker of the House and he banned the word "Jesus" from the House. When Pastor Ron Baity came to serve his week as the leader of morning prayer, he was told to eliminate Jesus from his prayer. SERIOUSLY, Joe?!? Who should we pray to? YOU? Be sure and write Joe or call him and tell him what you think of his recent actions:

Joe Hackney
NC House of Representatives

16 W. Jones Street, Room 2304

Raleigh, NC 27601-1096

(919) 733-3451

Finally, the Census Bureau in New York was caught falsifying census records. Instead of going door-door to gather information that was not submitted, they were instructed to falsify it or look it up on the internet and make assumptions. Now being that the US Congress members are selected based on the amount of constituents in each state then could this be seen as a way to increase the size of the government by seizing extra seats in Congress...just sayin'!

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Racial tensions roil NC school board; 19 arrests

Census Officials in New York Instructed Workers to Falsify Questionnaires

House Speaker Joe Hackney bans word "Jesus" in prayers before NC legislative meetings

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