Sunday, July 25, 2010

Show Notes - 07/25/2010

On the program tonight, Mr. Brock LaRobb! Brock has been through our hallways and radio waves several times now and always..always a treat. Brock helped us get down to some nitty gritty topics on the show. Some of the items we spoke about are listed here, but there was oh, so much more:

A Mosque Grows in Manhattan? WTF is with this. How can this be? How did some elected board of officials approve this blasphemy? We are going to allow an Islamic Mosque & Recreation Center to be erected at the site of the World Trade Center? Public opinion is absolutely necessary to stop this atrocity against America. British video blogger, Pat Condell says it right for all of us:

We wonder why this type of outcry has not come from every method of media in the country....

Is it the Government or a Criminal Syndicate? You know, we have this little piece of paper called the U.S. Constitution which includes the Bill of Rights. Well, for some reason..and this has been coming a little at a time for some time..but the government does not follow it. They do not obey it (the law of the land). They are, in essence, breaking the law. If we broke the law, we'd be in jail..plain and simple! Why are they not in jail? It is unlawful to tax us. It is unlawful to force their insurance on us. It is unlawful to spy on us. The government is cracking down on our freedoms of speech. They have closed down bloggers' websites and they are now closing in on targeting talk radio shows. So watch out, big brother is looking to hit you up!

Mid-term elections are coming up in November 2010 and we have to pull together and think with open minds to stop the wrong people from being in office. As we stated before, the right people in the right offices at the right time. Take the garbage out on November 2!

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