Sunday, August 15, 2010

Show Notes - 08/15/2010

Welcome to the BIG SHOW!!

On the program tonight we revealed the winner of our HARD Trivia Contest. Zack from Ohio wins Nick Driver's CD, "Warm is Your Color". The question and answer was:

Q: You will most likely use one of these during the week more so than you would on the weekend. What is it?

A: A computer

We received "Listener Email" from Anonymous. Please let us know who you are and do not be shy. Send your emails to us at Studio @ Anonymous wrote in about the people he/she encounters who do not use their turn signals properly when driving. Gather this problem along with cell phones when driving and pure idiocy while driving and we have a whole list of opportunities to work on to make everyone safer.

We also spoke about the problem with [public] schools and how the system is not working the way that it once did. We are of the opinion that the reason is that students complain to mom and dad that the teachers are mean, give too much homework, etc. Then the mommies and daddies complain to the system that the the kids are worked too hard. Then the students do not learn a damned thing so mommy and daddy want to know why. Do you see a problem here?

Ideas For A Challenging Economy

Kay Stout joined us for our monthly special segment regarding careers and advice. One of the points that she stressed on this evening was the Hewlett-Packard/Jodie Fisher story whereas Jodie had sued HP for sexual harassment and then afterward when the party in question stepped down from HP she apologized. Kay's statement to this was that in this market and economy, you should think twice about your situation should you feel there is a workforce situation. If Jodie Fisher apologized for causing so much pain, then was the sexual harassment really as bad as she thought? Was her interpretation of the facts skewed? Because of this entire mess, she has now labeled herself as litigious and will probably damage her chances of getting hired in the future when the settlement runs out.

We, of course are not stating that she perjured herself, we are simply saying that our opinion of the situation clearly changed direction when she publicly apologized.

We also continued some conversation about schooling and some of the alternatives to public schools, including private, charter and of course, homeschooling. Join Kay Stout each and every month on Behind The Mike on the third Sunday for more Ideas For A Challenging Economy. Contact her below.

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