Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Show Notes - 08/17/2010


Tonight on the show, we spoke one on one with Delaware Congressional Candidate Brent Wangen. Brent is a member of the Libertarian Party.

The Libertarian Party was founded in 1971 and is the third largest political party in the United States and growing. It was formed by persons who believed that the government had strayed far from the founding fathers' visions for the country.

Brent makes one hell of a case for his candidacy based on the very core values of the Libertarians: Limited Government and freedoms and liberties to Americans. Brent spoke about what his list of issues would be included on his Washington Agenda:

1. Read the Bill Act (RTBA) – This bill would require all congressional members to sign an affidavit attesting that they have read or listened attentively to the bill being read.

2. One Subject at a Time Act (OSTA) – This bill would restrict any additions to any bill to be germane to the subject of the original bill.

3. Write the Law Act (WTLA) - This bill would end unconstitutional delegation of legislative powers by congress and work toward phasing out unconstitutional departments, and start restoring the separation of powers.

4. Enumerated Powers Act (EPA) - This bill would require any and all new bills to define which of the enumerated powers in the Constitution gives congress the power to enact such legislation.

5. Fiscal Responsibility Act (FRA) – This bill would tie congressional pay to the budget. If congress goes over budget they take a 5% drop in pay until they have a balanced budget. This 5% would compound every year they go over budget

6. Congressional Pension Removal (CPR) – This bill would remove congress from the Federal Pension system. As politics is not a career path but public service, pensions are not appropriate for these positions. Pension would be replaced with a 401K savings plan with matched assets up to 5% of pay. This would allow congressmen/women to take their retirement savings with them to their next position more in line with the rest of working Americans.

We also spoke briefly about the health care bill, which Brent calls in a word, "unconstitutional". We agree. Brent also stresses that the problem never was health care insurance, but health care costs; and what the federal government seeks to do has nothing to do with controlling the costs to us. Listen to the archives to hear what Brent had to say.

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