Monday, August 23, 2010

Show Notes - 08/22/2010

We had a jam-packed show for you tonight. We started the evening out with a discussion on the Middle East due to no less than six different headlines that hit our desk concerning the Iranians opening their nuclear power plant. Basically they "say" it is for peaceful civilian electricity and Israel says that they are lying. We hash into some facts about the management and oversight being provided by Russia and leave some opinions to YOU, the listener. Unless we have hard evidence that Iran has other intentions for wanting nuclear power, then who are we or anyone else in the world to tell them they cannot have what we have? What do you think?

Next up, we had the pleasure of interviewing a fascinating musician. Dairenn Lombard. Dairenn is the lead vocalist and keyboardist for the pop band, Starfire. Dairenn has a great back-story relating to his musical roots (New Orleans, LA) and his inspirations for his music. We were glad to feature a song from the debut CD, EYE OF THE STORM. The throwback sound of the Eighties of the track, THINKING ABOUT YOU was stunning and also refreshing to hear a band pay homage to the Awesome Decade! We have an open invitation to talk with Dairenn again when he releases his next CD. You can check him out at all of his links listed below.

In the final hour of Behind The Mike, we went Beyond The Game! We covered some top sports stories including Roger Clemmens and whether or not he should be allowed to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame at a later date. Sure, he put up qualifying numbers however with the fact that he took steroids and will probably see jail time for perjuring himself to Congress perhaps we should reconsider. What do you think? Bret Favre retired...a couple of times...and here he is back again after some teammates went to visit him, bought him lunch and whatever and now he is joining the team (Minnesota Vikings). Bret, RETIRE already. We rambled about some other NFL quarterbacks and also the Philadelphia Phillies offense troubles.

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