Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Show Notes - 08/24/2010

When you are traveling to work in the morning or driving home at night and you might be stuck in a little traffic, please think of the poor folks on the National Highway 110 in Beijing, China. The motorists there have been stuck in a 62 mile backup for the past 11 days. Now that is what you call "late for dinner".

Our guest tonight was Libertarian Candidate for the Delaware 32nd District, Will McVay. Will is also the Kent County, DE Libertarian Party Chair. We spoke to Will regarding some problems that occurred in Delaware regarding fusion candidacy; an arrangement where two or more political parties support a common candidate, pooling the votes for all those parties. By offering to endorse or nominate a major party's candidate, minor parties can influence the candidate's platform. As we reported on the show, Brent Wangen and Will McVay were cordially uninvited off of the Delaware primary ballot as fusion candidates. Will blogs about the details on his website.

We also spoke about Will's issues that he would like to work on if elected and of course the health care issue had come up along with a primary purpose of working towards state sovereignty here in Delaware. We asked him his thoughts as to whether Delaware could sustain it's own economy without so much federal influence and he stated that we could easily do so. Listen to the archive to learn more about Will, his issues and the Libertarian view of government.

Delaware Candidates "Meet & Greet" Night
Monday August 30, 2010 - 6:00PM to 9:00PM
Newark Senior Center
200 White Chapel Drive - Newark, DE

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Libertarian Party of Delaware

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