Sunday, August 29, 2010

Show Notes - 08/29/2010

America's Newest Destroyer!

Brock LaRobb joined us on tonight's program and it is always a treat to the ears when he comes by. Nearly no subject was safe during the conversation. First up was Brock's recent trip to New York City where he had the opportunity to talk to some people, namely street vendors, and there is an economical mainstay regarding pricing and Brock almost at every instance was able to negotiate his price for goods and services down nearly better than a stop off at Otherwise, he says that the best way to get around is by way of the petty cabs; he states they are very unique.

The point of Roger Clemmens surfaced regarding steroid use. The argument was not settled tonight as there seems to be a paradigm shift in the thinking of society on this issue. Would as many people who think it is OK today thought the same two decades ago? One decade ago?

Other random stories included health care, Barack Obama, Iran, Iraq, Israel's recent request for $2 Billion in fuel from the United States, Fidel Castro and much more.

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