Sunday, October 10, 2010

Show Notes - 10/10/2010


Tonight on the broadcast we introduced and welcomed our new intern, Cash Young. Cash is a student of the music production field and will assume the duties of Research Assistant as well as helping out with social media duties.

Before the main part of the show, we discussed a news story regarding the South Fulton, TN Fire Department refusing to respond to a rural Obion County home owned by Gene Cranick which caught fire. The refusal was because he forgot to pay his $75 Fire Services Fee for the year. His neighbor called for fear that the fire may spread to his property. He did pay his fee so they responded...and sat there watching Mr. Cranick's home burned completely to the ground! We have NO idea what moral standard any firefighter uses to stand by and watch a fellow man's home burn to nothing. How dare they call themselves firefighters. In the opinions of this host, they are not even equal with humans and we have opened a challenge for any one of them to come onto the show and explain this to us.

The main segment of the show was an Open Candidates Forum. We sent out many invitations to Delaware politicians to join our forum and speak about the issues, their campaigns and aspirations for office. The panel consisted of:

  • Senator Colin Bonini (running for Delaware Treasurer)
  • Brent Wangen (running for US Congress)
  • Jim Rash (running for US Senate)
  • Will McVay (running for DE Representative 32nd District)

Each candidate had 5 minutes to speak freely and uninterrupted regarding their stand and then we had a round table session on some of the issues as well as some questions that were emailed to the studio. All of the candidates have some very good points and stand on very good values. Please do yourself a favor and download the podcast and listen to their speeches and our discussion and visit their websites below to learn more about them. We encourage you to call them or speak with them at rallies and find out what great values they have. This is our way of helping concerned voters make educated decisions on election day.

The candidates also wanted to pass along a special mention to the League of Women Voters who have initiated some rallies where ALL candidates on the ballot are allowed to appear and speak. There are two events to mention:

League of Woman Voters Federal Candidates
October 20th at 6:45 PM
Sheraton Hotel in Dover Delaware

October 26th at 7:00 PM
Crossroads Community Church in Georgetown Delaware

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