Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Show Notes - 10/12/2010

Tonight on the program we discussed the Social Security Administration's findings that 72,000 stimulus checks of $250 each were sent to deceased people. Just another reason why the government needs to be checked and balanced as to what they are doing with tax dollars. We are going broke! The worst part of the story is that not all the money has been recouped which means that there are some very happy people in heaven with money in their pocket.

Next up, we discussed a story from FactCheck.org that debunks a video and story that has been circulating for some time regarding President Barack Obama's speech about raising a private "Nazi-Style" Army. Well, it appears that it had a little tailoring and doctoring and what he was truly discussing was expanding the health corps of America for times of emergency.

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72,000 Stimulus Payments Went to Dead People
Is Barack Obama Forming a Private Army? - FactCheck Article

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