Sunday, October 17, 2010

Show Notes - 10/17/2010

A new segment entitled "SOMETHING SPONTANEOUS debuted on the show and it is a segment where just about anything can happen. On this installment, Joel & Don acted out the "Who's On First" skit made famous by Abbott & Costello. Considering that we are not actors, it turned out very well.

Next up, Singer/Songwriter Doug Rausch stopped by to talk about some music history. The one thing that resonates from talking with Doug is the fact that he has a rich music upbringing and he has a strong hold on the history behind music. Doug started honing his craft at the age of 8 and from then it has been a journey in search of great music. To our ears, the journey is going very well. We featured the track, "It Happens" which has influential foundations from the likes of Queen, Pink Floyd and more.

Kay Stout joined us for another installment of our monthly feature, Ideas For A Challenging Economy. Every third Sunday of the month, Kay comes onto the panel to discuss careers and job trends including different changes in the economy. The one major discussion for tonight was the fact that people looking for work and have a desire to help people may consider work at a foundation. Check out the show podcast to learn more and contact Kay below to discuss with her in more detail.

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