Sunday, October 31, 2010

Show Notes - 10/31/2010


On tonight's program, we spoke with Pop Culture Guru, Rob Weiner. Officially, Rob is the Associate Humanities and Performing Arts Librarian at Texas Tech University. That sounds like a way cool job anyway..and it is! So on Halloween, we spent the evening (or most of it) talking about pop culture as it relates to horror, terror and beyond.

Plenty of information for the horror fan came bustling out and we learned quite a bit while talking to Rob. One thing that was noted that there is much more horror crossed with superheroes than you might think. Some titles of some graphic novels include: Batman vs Nosferatu, The Monk, Batman vs Dracula. Here is another example; the following video is one of the very best fan-made short films that puts Batman in a very terrifying predicament:

Some films that were mentioned as well: To the Devil a Daughter, Bloodfeast, Dead Girl, Cannibal Holocaust. Also, Rob says that his Halloween Pick is Black Sabbath. So there you have it; a great Halloween show with a fantastic guest. If you missed it, please download the archived podcast and check it might help you build a new list of must see movies.

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