Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Show Notes - 11/09/2010

We were joined on the show tonight by the lovely and talented actress, Catherine Mary Stewart. Catherine has starred alongside such leading greats as Karl Malden, Andrew McCarthy, Michael Pare and more. She is most notable for some of her iconic films of the 1980s; Weekend at Bernie's, Night of the Comet, and The Last Starfighter. Catherine is Canadian born and has made the United States her home. She has a very successful resume on both television and feature films.

This holiday season, Catherine stars in A Christmas Snow with Muse Watson and Cameron Ten Napel. Catherine plays Kathleen Mitchell who is haunted by the fact of her father left her on Christmas Eve 30 years before. This Christmas she finds herslf stranded over Christmas in a blizzard with two unlikely house guests. The storm brings her close up with the pains of the past and leaves her to make a choice...can she forgive? The movie is a gem and a fine inspirational holiday film that the whole family will love. The character development is superb and Catherine plays the part of Kathleen very beautifully. It contains a wonderful soundtrack as well that compliments the story.

A Christmas Snow will be available in stores nationwide on November 30th. The story is based on the novel of the same name by Best-Selling Author Jim Stovall who also wrote a wonderful companion book to the movie entitled, "Sam's Journal: Restored "and that will hit bookstores everywhere on November 23rd. Be sure and pick up your copy of both for the holidays and get an extra copy for a gift.

Also tonight with a very important message regarding the scam that has been circulating around the internet and especially throughout email providers like Yahoo! Gmail and also Facebook. What happened today is that host, Joel Michalec, was scammed in all his web-based email systems and Facebook. The scam basically delivers messages to your contacts as "you" claiming to be in another country, robbed and in need of money...lots of money. The idea is that they try and get you to email them back and get into a conversation then lure the money from you.

JOEL IS FINE AND IN THE UNITED STATES. Do not fall victim to this. Delete the emails and steer away from the Facebook messages about him being in trouble.

One of the first things to look for when you do gain entry back into your web account is to see if the settings are such that emails are being forwarded away from your account. This is how they gain control and keep you from getting emails. It will forward the mail to an account they are using to collect email addresses, delete the email so you never see it and in some cases, turn on your vacation reply so the person who emailed you thinks that you are away. It's a very scary situation.

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