Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Show Notes - 11/16/2010

First up on the program, we interviewed Myles Marcus. Myles is a 17 year old singer from New Jersey and we featured his hot new single, "Jump" featuring Roy Hamilton III. Myles is also working on some of his own written music which is cool at his age because he is getting a lot of lead-way into the world of music. Check out him and his work by visiting his website below.

Later we had a discussion regarding the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) "enhanced" screening by using the so-called Naked-Body scanners or the alternative of submitting to a full body pat down which includes them being permitted to check womens' breasts and both sexes genitalia and buttocks. If the TSA were not a federal agency then this would be known as SEXUAL ASSAULT/MOLESTATION. Another fine example of the government raping America. There was news about how images from these scanners can be stored and transported off the scanner (say..on the internet) so SMILE.

By the way CAIR would like the Europeans and Americans to NOT subject Muslim women to such searches..yeah, RIGHT! I am DONE flying!

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Islamic scholars (and CAIR) say airport body scanners violate teachings of Islam

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