Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Show Notes - 11/23/2010

Diet Queen of the Red Carpet, Nikki Haskell joined us on the program and spoke about how to eat healthy during the holidays. For Thanksgiving, she advises the following tips:

  • Skip the appetizers. You’re about to sit down for stuffing, gravy and mashed potatoes, do you really need brie cheese, mini quiches and bacon wrapped scallops? If you’re hungry and need a little something to hold you over, go with a crudite, it will actually be healthy and filling and you may eat less during your Thanksgiving meal.
  • Treat your plate like a palate. First put your turkey in the middle of the plate and then place your vegetables on the side, and on the other side put no more than one tablespoon of potatoes, stuffing, gravy, or cranberry.
  • Do not pile on the food, and do not go back for seconds… no matter how tempting it is.
  • Try not to eat more than one full meal on Thanksgiving - despite how many places you party hop.
  • If you know your brother- in- law puts down 3 helpings of mashed potatoes, sit on the opposite end of the table from him. Never dine with anyone who eats more than you do. You will end up eating more, picking potatoes off their plate, ordering dessert, etc…
  • If you have hosted Thanksgiving yourself, send your guests home with all the leftovers or bring them to a food kitchen or shelter…and that includes the pumpkin and pecan pies!
  • If you’re not busy cooking and hosting all day, get in a really good workout in the morning and prepare to go the Friday after Thanksgiving as well.
  • Get back on the wagon the day after T-Day. For breakfast have a grapefruit. For lunch have a salad, and for dinner have a small piece of fish or chicken with vegetables.
Contact her for more about dieting tips, read her blog or learn about her weight loss product Star Shape by visiting her website below.

Later on the show, we were discussing the old fashioned toys that among other things made children use their imagination. Toys like Green Machine, Big Wheel, Slinky, Furbie, Rockem Sockem Robots and more. These days we are dealing with toys like the new barbie Dog that eats a biscuit then craps it back out...what have we become? Have our minds become Jell-O? We have strayed way too far to be able to get back to where we once were. Says Joel Michalec, " I think that we have lost the battle and that we have lost our youth".

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