Sunday, November 28, 2010

Show Notes - 11/28/2010

Tonight on the show we had a great and insightful interview with author and film critic, Alonso Duralde. Alonso has release a new book entitled, "Have A Movie Little Christmas" which encompasses a great selection of holiday movies that he has watched and reviewed. He looks at the best, worst and the strangest movies just in time for the holiday season. Listen in as he discusses some of these films as reviewed in his book. Check out his website and Facebook below and run out and order yourself a copy of the book today!

Later we interviewed Dr. David Oester of the International Ghost Hunters Society. This is Dave's second stop off at the Behind The Mike Show and this evening we discussed Parallel Dimensions. Dave tells us that science is finally getting on board with the fact that many parallel dimensions exist thanks to quantum physics. Of course, quantum physics is a language we may never, as layman, understand but it opens so many more possibilities in the discussion of ghosts and the paranormal. Dave also informed us that at this time of year, the IGHS receives many pictures from people's holiday reunions/parties with questionable objects on them to see if they may be relatives that have passed on that returned for the party. For more, visit the IGHS website below.

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