Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Show Notes - 11/30/2010

Joseph Strider is one amazing dude! He is a Native American singer/songwriter who does some great things with an acoustic guitar. Tonight Joseph spent some time telling us of a past in music that included rock, heavy metal and more as he transitioned through the genres to acoustic. We featured his track, Just Like That. Check out his website below to get your hands on his latest CD which was nominated for a Nammy (NAMA Award) for Debut Artist of the Year.

Later on the show, Brian Gleason from Ulta Lit Technologies joined us and shed some light on one of the most frustrating elements of the holidays...Christmas lights that do not work. Ulta Lit makes a product known as the Light Keeper Pro and it is a tool that everyone should have with their box of Christmas lights. It diagnoses string lights that do not work. It helps save you many hours of troubleshooting. Brian also shared a lot of handy tips for troubleshooting lights, such as checking the lights each year when they come out of the box for loose bulbs. Catch more tips on the website including some fantastic videos on troubleshooting. Also, they have a hot-line for you to call to get tech support and help during the season:

(888) 858-2548
24/7 through to Christmas Day

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Joseph Strider - Official Website
Light Keeper Pro Tool - Official Website

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