Sunday, December 26, 2010

Show Notes - 12/26/2010

Another wonderful evening on the show..We spoke with Phil Blizzard who invented a little thing called the Thundershirt. This device is a shirt for dogs who have anxiety issues such as thunder fright, fireworks fright, separation anxiety and a host of other related issues. Simply put it is a device that calms you doggie down without the use of medication. Phil does a lot of work with animal shelters and animal rescues as well and has donated thousands of Thundershirts to them to help anxious dogs. In his first year and a half of business, this item has helped tens of thousands of dogs. Perhaps your dog needs one? Click his link below to learn more about Thundershirt and how you can get one.

Next up, our resident career coach Kay Stout joined us for a different Ideas for a Challenging Economy segment; she discussed some of her client success stories. We decided to take this route for the holidays and show people who are looking for work that there are success stories from all different people with different ideas of what they want to do. You might be surprised at one or two of them..we were! Also, Kay talked a bit about Facebook and some definitive DON'TS about posting in relation to your work status or job search status. Tune in and find out more.

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Thundershirt - Official Website
Thundershirt on Facebook
Kay Stout - Official Website

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