Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Show Notes - 01/04/2011


Tonight we featured on the program for a second run, Laura Monk & High Cotton. We featured a track from their new CD, "Live at the Balzer Theater". The track was called HEAVEN BOUND and what a great song. If you have not heard this band on the show before then check out their website for more details and how to get their CDs. You can also hear them on Reality One radio in the mix. Here are some of their planned events in Georgia:

March 19, 2011 - New Dawn Theater, Duluth, GA
March 26, 2011 - Cumming Playhouse, Cumming, GA
May 1, 2011 - Spring Fest, Villa Rica, GA

Next up we discussed the report card on the 111th Congress who gave us an additional $10,429.64 in debt to go along with all of your personal debt. The last Congress has accumulated more additional debt than the first 100 Congresses COMBINED! Beautiful, man, beautiful.

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