Sunday, January 23, 2011

Show Notes - 01/23/2011

First up on a BIG show tonight we welcomed 12 year-old Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Charlie Dane who started playing guitar when she was five years old and soon after that voice lessons. In a such a short period of time, you have a wonderfully talented young lady who writes her own music and lyrics. The truth have no idea she is so young when you hear her sing. We featured her song, "Tuesday's Just As Bad" which she says came from a conversation among friends regarding the erasure of Mondays from the calendar. Check out her website and Facebook links below and definitely check out her music, you will not be sorry.

On our monthly segment, Ideas For A Challenging Economy, our resident career coach Kay Stout interviewed Matt Crevin for a second segment regarding more about getting work in the sports field behind the scenes. One topic that was brought up during the conversation was the importance of the IT field in sports. Matt brings up the fact that every major sports team and major sports player have their own websites and social media outlets and these items require managing. Do you have what it takes to work off the field in sports? Matt Crevin's website listed below would be a great first stop resource for researching that avenue.

We also discussed a major news story out of Philadelphia regarding Dr. Kermit Barron Gosnell who was charged this week with seven counts of murder which occurred while he was administering illegal abortions. For the sake of this Show Note, we will direct your attention to the news article below to expose yourself to the details.

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Charlie Dane - Official Website
Charlie Dane on Facebook
Kay Stout - Official Website
Dr.'s Long Tumble to Jail - Article on Kermit Barron Gosnell

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