Sunday, January 30, 2011

Show Notes - 01/30/2011

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Tonight on the show we spoke to a man known as Professor Dumbsworth. He spent a month or so emailing us so we decided to call him to see what he wanted and he seems to be a life philosopher and tried to lay the philosophy on us. Well it was strange but we will certainly think about having him back for more conversation.

We featured music from both Holly Long and Vicky Jones. Holly was scheduled for an interview but was unable to make it. So we still featured her music and check her link below to inquire where to purchase her CD, FREQUENCY.

Some discussion also into the reason why aliens have not returned to earth and perhaps it is because we seem to be a real nasty race. Take a look at us and it is a wonder why we are left alone out here pondering the question of "are we alone". We may be. Also, can we survive if a real disaster happens and permanently takes out the computer systems that we depend on so heavily? We thought about that as well. Continued discussion on that later and often.

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