Saturday, February 26, 2011

Show Notes - 02/15/2011

Tonight on the show, Tony Richards and Jack from Wander Radio took over the hosting duties and put together a very interesting show. Joel was away on assignment to Egypt and we sent him away with a microphone, headphones and a wireless communications device to allow him to contact us on the show with an update on how things were going over there. One little problem.....we forgot the 9 volt battery for his microphone and Radio Shack stopped their battery a month club about five years no Joel. On the show tonight, we spoke with Margaret Bonham, noted book author who has over 30 books to her credit, both in the fiction and non-fiction categories. She told us a little about how she got started and what motivates her into creating the characters and story lines in her books. Writing fantasy takes a lot of creativity and she definitely has a lot of that!

In the second part of the hour, we started out briefly talking about the threat of scams that pop up in your email in the form of e-cards and other ways that cybercriminals target unsuspecting Internet users and things to look for, especially around holidays. After that, Tony and Jack covered some of the news of the day,including some real life, down-to earth translations of just how much the ever growing US deficit is costing each of us. Back in the year 2000, it was roughly $20,000 per citizen. Despite a pledge on Monday by President Barack Obama to reduce federal spending over the next five years, the deficit continues to grow . As reported by figures obtained by, and as it continues to balloon towards 14 TRILLION, yes with a 'T', we decided to try and put it into perspective using numbers everyone can understand. Here are just some examples:
  • Current cost per citizen of national debt - 45,000, up 25,000 in just 11 years
  • At a cost of $3,676 per ticket, you could buy 4,080,522,307 tickets to the Sujper Bowl, or the entire attendance for the next 56,674 Super Bowls if the stadium held 72,000 fans
  • Speaking of football..... Heinz Ward of the Pittsburgh Steelers made $5,804,680 last season. If his salary remained constant, you could afford to pay him for another two MILLION years
  • Home foreclosure?? No problem. At an average price of 242,000, with 14 trillion dollars, you could purchase an estimated 61 million homes.

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