Saturday, February 26, 2011

Show Notes - 02/22/2011

Welcome to Behind the Mike. Tonight on the show Tony Richards hosted once more as Jack from Wander Radio had the night off and we welcomed back an old favorite of the show, okay okay he's just a favorite of the show. He's not REALLY old.... more like ancient! Meet Mr. Frank Cotolo.... the host of Cotolo Chronicles... the Internet radio talk show which started even before people knew what the Internet and talk shows were.

Tonight's Trivia Question: According to the Deep Sleep Academy, what is the most common thing people dream about when they fall asleep at night??? Know the answer?? Email us! or Contest ends at 11:59pm THIS Saturday night.

After a lively but brief discussion, Tony and Frank welcomed our main guest to the show, singer songwriter and one of the best musical guests we have had on the show in quite some time, Erin Dickens.

Erin is an accomplished musician, singer, songwriter amd so meone who has performed with many other superstars in the talent and music business for years. She is a founding member of the Manhattan Transfer, but left the group after only a few seasons in search of other conquests to achieve. She moved to Hawaii to get away from the music business, yet as they say.... "You can take the girl away from music, but you cannot take the music away from the girl!" She moved back east and developed a unique richness to music both in the jazz realm and outside of it. She is one of the few musicians that can actually sing on key both live and in the studio WITHOUT pitch correction tools and we featured not only one of her songs, but she even did a little accapella on the show as well.

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