Sunday, March 20, 2011

Show Notes - 03/20/2011

U.S, British & French forces exercise air strikes against Libya!

Tonight the show began with some discussion on the recent air strikes against Gaddafi in the hopeful liberation of Libya from his control. So there was some different outlooks to this including why are we involving ourselves yet again into this conflict? Well because France was going and we are their ally. Well, this is something we will have to watch and see how it all pans out.

We spoke about the four day school week as it is being proposed in some areas of the country and actually happening in others. Who benefits from this? The school districts will have you believe that this move will save money from the school budgets but we will hurt the children's education more so than we are. The cost of school budgets are high because the GREED of the teachers' unions. They want and want and want but yet the United States have the worst academic scores as compared to the rest of the globe. Let's look at ways to make our children smarter so that the US can remain a great country. By the way, Mr & Mrs Teacher, we are having Hamburger Helper tonight...what are you eating?

Kay Stout and Matt Crevin got together on our monthly segment, Ideas For A Challenging Economy to discuss the NFL Lockout and what that might mean, not only to the players but the potential for job openings in the sports field as it pertains to auxiliary positions. Then Kay and Joel had some discussion about the unemployment rate which Kay stated was improving over the past six months.

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