Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Show Notes - 03/22/2011

Welcome to the BIG show. Tonight, our guest was The Juggling Comedian, Rick Novell. Joel had the absolute pleasure of seeing Rich performed on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship. Rick's show is breath-taking and can be billed as a comedic thriller. We talked to Rick about the stunts that he performs while juggling such as using a 6 foot, 10 rung ladder to walk about the stage while he juggles his wares including knives. Then he uses a 6 foot unicycle as well...all on a moving cruise ship. You can visit his website below and see video shorts from his show.

We also covered some updates on the Libya crisis including who the hell will be in charge of this mess, how does Obama get to go to war without Congressional consent and more. Plus will Japan's radiation crisis hurt us or help us? Well, it seems the answer lies with whomever you watch on the news. Join us every Tuesday and Sunday night on Behind The Mike for the latest in chatter...

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