Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Show Notes - 03/29/2011

US National Debt
or .. $45,815.84 for every man, woman and child in America

On the show we interviewed Robin Bowersox. Robin is working on spreading awareness for child abuse throughout her state of Maryland. Robin is also the eldest sister of Rita Fisher, the little girl abused to death in 1997 in Maryland. Robin has the right ideas as to what needs to be done to raise awareness and she also feels that in order for things to get better, the authorities must get out of their comas that keep them from addressing the real problems, there needs to be policy changes in how Child Protective Services and similar agencies conduct their affairs and she would like to see more charity for awareness. Please visit her Facebook Pages below to see how you can help. Also, April is Child Abuse Awareness Month, so please wear a dark blue ribbon.

Later on the program, we took a look at the latest developments in the Libyan crisis and the fact that we may have to get deeper entrenched into this rebellion. After all that, will anyone BESIDES the US have to foot the bill to rebuild another country that we had no reason going to war with.

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