Monday, March 14, 2011

Show Notes 3/13/2011

Happy Sunday! Joel is safe and sound and ...well...tired. LOL Tonight;s show was hosted by the usual band of malcontents, Tony Richards and Jack Hosley from Wander Radio and wander we did. But then, that is indeed what makes this show.... The Radio Show About...Whatever. We zigzagged through various news stories and while we were probably zigging when we were supposed to be zagging, somehow it all worked and the show hosts survived.

On the show we talked about the tsunami strike in Japan and its impact on their economy and people plus the effects it has had elsewhere in the world. Speaking of effects on the world, we also discussed Charlie Sheen and the Two and a Half Men mess.

After that, Jack and I went into random mode fielding phone calls from everything about why working mothers are appreciative of having crock pots to how to do a brake job on a Dodge Neon.

Join us Tuesday night when Joel returns......

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