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Show Notes 3/6/2011

Hello yet again from the producer's desk.......boy this chair is getting old, I need a new one.
First up on the show tonight, we extended the trivia contest for another week because while the answers were good, they were not quite what we were looking for. Therefore, here is the question again:

Over 1 million of these are predicted to be sold this year alone, yet 62% of them will likely never be used. What are they? Hint.... think summer. If you want to try luck at winning a $50 Amazon gift certificate, email your answer to by 11:59pm this Saturday, March 12th.
On with the show notes.........

Tonight on the show, we welcomed back Dennis Wolf, insurance specialist and author of a number of writings including a book called The Sick Solution - A Prescription for National Health. While he introduced that book over 20 years ago, some of the topics he brought to light and predicted have indeed come to pass. Tonight on the show, we discussed who pays for that medical bill and what happens when you do not have insurance. We also laid the groundwork for a future show where Dennis will return and explain where we go from here and just what will happen if Obamacare is repealed and what it will mean to you and me.

In the second hour, Frank Cotolo joined us as we did another round of tiptoeing , and sometimes steamrolling, right through some of the crazier news stories of the day. We talked about a mother in England who says 12 babies is not enough and wants more.....all at the cost of the local taxpayer because she has not held a job since he had child number 1. Her boyfriend cannot work and hasn't since 1999, but he can go off-road motorcycling even though the reason he cannot work is because he has a bad back. Huh?

A couple of teenagers get busted big time for creating one of the largest Internet crime web sites around, Gh0stmarket.Net. Three teenagers in the UK have been sentenced for up to five years in jail for creating and operating, one of the world’s largest English-language internet crime forums. The Gh0stMarket website, which had about 8,000 members, was dubbed by the court as the “criminal equivalent of Facebook”, or “Crimebook,” according to The Guardian:
In court, Tyrone Smith, defending, said the site was a “Crime book” where people could learn and socialize. To users, Gh0stMarket appeared as lines of computer code and broken English. On the site hackers and fraudsters traded anonymously in compromised databases containing thousands of personal details including account numbers, pins and passwords. The site contained manuals such as “14 ways of hacking credit cards” and “running cards on eBay” and information on staying anonymous. It sold hacking software and instructions on how to manufacture crystal meth and explosives.
Police estimate that the site cost credit card users as much as £16.2 million ($26.37 million).
Skippy Peanut Butter faces a recall due to possible salmonella contamination.
You think YOU pay too much for gas??? Try these numbers....... At two airports across from the Orlando Airport in Orlando Florida, gas prices for REGULAR unleaded gasoline?? 5.19 and 5.29 per gallon... yep FIVE bucks. Cheapest place so far? In the Rocky Mountains, average cost there....3.18/gallon.

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British mom says 12 kids is not enough... and YOU get to pay for it!

Orlando gas prices go through the roof.......and no, it's not jet fuel.

Skippy Peanut Butter Recall....Reduced fat?....or Salmonella???

Crimebook......what these kids did makes Facebook look angelic.....

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