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Show Notes 3/8/2011

Happy Shrove (Fat) Tuesday from the Behind the Mike Show!

As we dove into the show tonight, Frank Cotolo and Tony Richards provided a veritable feast of topics on the table tonight. While March is not that far from Spring time, according to Frank, Joel Michalec sounded more like a cough medicine than a show host's name tonight. LOL

Fiction 20 Down - The deck where it all started

Up first on the show tonight, we welcomed the reggae band Fiction 20 Down to the show and speaking for the group was drummer Andre Toney. Andre told us that the band hails mostly from the Annapolis, Maryland area but has played up and down the east coast and will be playing this coming weekend , March 12th at The Sandbar in Middletown, Delaware. The show starts at 10 PM eastern time and there is a $5 cover to get in. We also featured one of their songs, "Play On" during the show as well. Find out more about The Sandbar or about Fiction 20 Down by clicking the links.

After the break, Frank and Tony talked about Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras Tony related a story about how for many years since the southern coast of Louisiana was below sea level especially the city of New Orleans, that each year until the flood gates were built around the cities, New Orleans would get wiped out by hurricanes and it would take a long time to rebuild so they used the French celebration of Mardi Gras as part of the celebration process of a city rebuilt. That, of course, in time to be demolished again the following summer as more hurricanes came. Frank focused more on the religious side of it, stating that it signified the start of the Lenten season of the Catholic church and the 40 days of fast and abstinence leading to the celebration of Easter.

We then touched briefly on President Obama's decision to keep Guantanamo Bay open as a detention facility and whether or not politicians ever really speak the truth or whether they speak the truth as they know it "at the time", only to find out when they say the "big picture" with details they were not privy to beforehand, how their actions change.

Finally, we talked about the one and only Charlie Sheen and what he is doing now. Besides setting records on gaining Twitter followers, first a record one million in just under 27 hours, and now over TWO million, the now former Two and a Half Men star, after being fired from his spot on the show by warner Brothers has started his own webcast on U Stream and, according to Frank, is not self-destructing at all, but is instead doing exactly what he should be doing.... using social media to keep himself in the public eye. Frank says he bets that if you would be lucky enough to ask Charlie off the record if this is planned, Charlie would probably admit that he had been found out. Stay tuned..... If it goes oriental, it may yet wind up being Two and a Half Yen.....
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