Sunday, April 03, 2011

Show Notes - 04/03/2011

Major League Baseball Opening Weekend!

News and notes abound on the show tonight but we did start with discussing MLB opening weekend. Apparently, the umpire staff have not learned much about baseball during the off-season and still make crappy calls. Nice!

We updated the listener base on the Libyan conflict which the United States have agreed to NATO's request to continue air strikes into Monday. What we need to be sure is that this rebellion does not turn into a war and spark some large scale world event. Are the elected officials finally doing the required checks and balances?

Japan is looking to a polymer to hopefully help contain the radiation that is leaking into the ocean. Isn't that nice? Be sure and check yourself for glow when you finish swimming at your favorite beach. Let's hope that they get this problem solved. We did mention that maybe we are depending on nuclear energy too much instead of safer and renewable sources like air and water.

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