Sunday, April 10, 2011

Show Notes - 04/10/2011

Behind The Mike - Covering TODAY'S Issues

Tonight on the show we are right back in the saddle of the issues. First discussion was about the Federal Budget and the 11th hour save on the potential government shutdown. Here on Behind The Mike, host Joel Michalec believes that the government should take a hard look at the useless government employees and departments and go ahead and close those sectors down. The government is far too big and has far too much waste.

Next we brought up the gas price issue. In the current economy we must be frugal and one way that we introduced was a website called Gas Buddy that will help you plan the best route to the least expensive gas. By the way and speaking of high oil prices, we have to start finding ways to cut our dependencies on foreign oil and develop alternative energy sources NOW!

We also had a discussion about the qualities that we'd like to see in our next and future presidents:

  • Cahonies
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Citizenship
  • Apathy
  • Being for America

In The News
Teenager Birthday Party Bloodbath - Chester, PA

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