Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Show Notes - 04/19/2011

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Tonight on the show, Christine Eisner joins us to talk about Comfort Living and how to adjust things around you to make your life feel as comfortable as an old pair of jeans. She explains that we need a "Campfire" in our homes and she means a setting much like a campfire it would be a center of energy. She has some fantastic ideas of how garage sales and farmers markets can come into play with these ideas so be sure and check out her website and an exercise sheet below that will assist you in finding your comfort.

Also, some news stories that we touched on included HB1261 which would like to prosecute if you are found to have elevated levels of HTC in your system, even if you have a prescription for medicinal marijuana; be mindful that FREE Prizes may be subject to tax penalties; American Indian Movement members are protesting a sacred burial site in Vallejo, CA that is in danger of becoming a state park. See the story links below.

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Christine Eisner - Website
Christine's Exercise Sheet
HB1261/THC Levels - Article
Free Prizes Equal More Taxes - Article
Burial Ground in Danger in Vallejo, CA - Article
Wilson, NC Man Charged w/Urinating on Police Car - Article

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