Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Show Notes 04/26/2011

Tonight on the show, author Bruce Headrick stops by again to talk about the release of his book memoir, TELL SECRETS TELL NO LIES; a memoir 25 years in the making where he talks openly clearing the air about his relationships with Hollywood elite while he worked as a male escort. Bruce reports that there is a great initial response with the book whereas many distributors not on the first run list are in need of ordering copies due to demand. Sounds to us like a good run. Stay tuned for more information about Bruce's upcoming activities on promoting the book.

Later we talked about a transwoman who was brutally beaten in a Baltimore McDonald's restaurant by two other women (18 and 14 years old). What kind of barbaric society do we live in that this woman had to endure a beating that left her with locks of her hair pulled out from being dragged around the reataurant, her face kicked in and left her having seizures before anyone decided to actually stop it? The employees, instead of stopping it, laughed and video taped it only to post it within minutes of the event. We posted the link to the video below but be warned, it is disgusting and it shows the worst human behavior imaginable.

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Transwoman Beating at McDonald's

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