Sunday, May 08, 2011

Show Notes - 05/08/2011


Tonight on the show our musical guest was Tom Getter Slack. Tom has a nostalgic sound that as Joel puts it, sounds like The Moody Blues. We featured his song, "Future Dream" from the album LOOKING GLASS and what a fantastic sound he has. It was music to our ears. Tom began many years ago in the musical journey and you can continue on with him by visiting his links below for more information and to get the CD.

Other topics included the latest numbers on unemployment which looked somewhat crooked. There were 244,000 more jobs in April but the unemployment percentage rose back to 9%. We cracked the case and found out that the information is gathered from two entirely separate entities. Your tax dollars at work.

We discussed summer traveling and how things could be affected by the price of gas which has risen more than 91 cents per gallon since January 2011. However, analysts say that the cost of the oil, which has been driven up by unrest in the Middle East, may actually be down as much as 50 cents by June!

Will McVay, Delaware Libertarian Party Vice Chair, stopped by to talk about the plans for the upcoming election year. The Libertarian Party believes in the core values of less government and more freedoms. For more information, visit their Facebook pages below.

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