Sunday, May 22, 2011

Show Notes - 05/22/2011


Welcome to the show, tonight we spent the first hour with the staff of the world's first-ever kid-owner and operated FM radio station WKID-FM 96.7 in Clearwater, Florida. Six years into operation, these awesome kids run shows from giving advice to reporting the traffic around their area. We chatted with the station owner, Adam "A-Dawg", co-owner Bo Bo the Monkey, Connor and Yen Chow. After discussing the facts about the station, we spent some time talking about issues from their perspective including The Rapture and homework in school. You can visit their website below to see and hear their streams.

Later Sharen introduced a new segment called "Hollywood Grapevine" and she brought up the death of Randy "Macho Man" Savage, Justin Beiber's new line of nail polish (what's up with that?) and Russell Brand's deportation from japan for 10 year old charges. Plus we talked about some interesting Rapture conversation including a company who will charge you to take care of your pets after you have been taken by God.

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