Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Show Notes - 06-14-2011

Tonight on the show , Joel had the night off and we welcomed back guest host Jack Hosley of Wander Radio.

This was a rescheduled guest appearance from Jack because the last time he was supposed to be here a few weeks ago, a major tornado came through the town where he lives and kept him off the air. Tony, our chief engineer and producer last time had to scramble and find something to air on the networks in 30 minutes that time. Keeping our eyes and fingers crossed, we surged ahead. This time, Jack sent Tony a message in the production window saying "Look at this". Yes, you guessed it. It was another weather radar shot.This time however, it stayed far enough away to allow us to finish the show even though Jack did tell me they had softball sized hail reported with the most severe areas of the storm. Wow. Moving on to the guest.....

Jack's guest tonight was book author Gary Jonas. Gary is a writer, a blogger and a screen writer. He started writing in 1990 and he has sold many stories, articles, reviews and even artwork to various anthologies and magazines. His work has been translated into Italian, German and Japanese.His latest work, One Way Ticket to Midnight, is being released in E-Book format and is available from Yard Dog Press at the link below.

It was a fun and informative discussion and there are some tips for prospective writers out there from Gary as well. Check out the podcast.

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