Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Show Notes - 06/21/2011

Happy Summer Solstice

On the show tonight, we interviewed singer/songwriter Sheri Miller who brings together so many different influences into her music, that her great sound deserves a genre of its own. We featured the title track to her new CD, Winning Hand on the show and we also learned that she keeps lots of songs in a book that she wrote when she was a child. We suggested she make a CD of it all. Check out Sheri's web site below to grab her CD. You will love it! Visit the links below to get your copy:

CD Baby

Later on the show we talked about NBC's omission of "Under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance on the US Open; not once but TWICE. Their only explanation: they did not intend to offend anyone. Also, would you go watch an MTV 2011 version of Footloose? YUK! Check out the story and trailer and then judge for yourself.

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Sheri Miller - Official Website
Sheri Miller on Facebook
"Under God" Omitted from Pledge of Allegiance - Article
Footloose Remake - Story

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