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Show Notes - 07/03/2011

Happy 4th Of July Weekend!

Tonight on the show, Joel and the gang were semi-officially off celebrating so madman producer Tony Richards was allowed to choose what got aired on the show.....ut oh, right?

We opened the show with a musical tribute to freedom followed by a rebroadcast of a special presentation of CBS Radio's "You Are There" series with host John Daly. By the way, should that name sound familiar to the older folks, there is a reason for it. John Daly, in particular, most remembered by the Wartime America audience as the first voice to describe the events of December 7, 1941 to an anxiously awaiting public, was chosen to 'host' the initial series. He was depicted more as the Chief Correspondent for the series. However, he is probably more recognized as the host using his full name of John Charles Daly on the TV game show, "What's My Line?" which followed about a decade later.

CBS went on to create a total of sixty-four unique historical docudramas during the program's three-year run. Many of the scripts were so accurate and realistic that they were employed almost verbatim once the Television version of You Are There eventually aired over CBS from 1953-1958. The Television version was 'hosted' by Walter Cronkite

After that, we ran an earlier guest appearance by former FBI agent now turned book author Jack Owens, who wrote the book "Don't Shoot Us - We're Republicans!". The book, and Jack both are full of some of the fun times you will never hear about while being an FBI agent and what it was like working in the FBI for thirty years as a field officer. It is a fun, fast paced read and what happens to Jack along the way is....well... listen and find out!

A link to purchasing his book can be found below in the Links section.

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