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Show Notes - 07/12/2011


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SVCHOST.EXE - What is it? From Microsoft: Svchost.exe is a generic host process name for services that run from dynamic-link libraries (DLLs).However, in English it is a process that loads a selection of dynamic link libraries as they are needed for programs. If you have a lot of them running at one time in your Task Manager then you should look at what is running or starting with Windows by using a program such as Ccleaner. Check out the video below on how to use it:

Question From Chat Room: How does heat affect a computer? It affects it very much in a negative way. You must ensure that a computer or laptop is kept cleaned inside and out so that air can move through the chassis and keep the heat moving out. It is a good idea to use a laptop lift to keep air circulating under and around the laptop. There are some great liquid cooling options now available for computers listed below in the links section.

From a Caller: Is there a charge for your support on this show? NO. This is a free service provided by The Behind the Mike Show and PC Tech Rescue. You may however call PC Tech Rescue for more serious issues and discuss terms to have your computer repaired. They have tremendously great rates. The number is (302) 261-5397 and they do remote service calls anywhere in the United States via the Internet.

Password Protect Files - You can password protect your files or folders using Windows or a third party program to keep prying eyes out. However, always make an non-encrypted backup of the file or folder before encrypting in because you may forget your password and it can become very expensive to have that cracked. Here is a list of programs to encrypt your data FREE:

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CCleaner - From Piriform.com
Keep Your Laptop Cool - PC World Article
Liquid Cooling Systems DIY - PC World Article
PC Tech Rescue - For ALL Your Computer Support Needs

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