Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Show Notes - 07/19/2011

Check it out! We talked about reality shows tonight as in the good the bad and the downright UGLY bottom of the barrel reality shows. It seems like every time we get a new reality show, another bad one, worse even, shows up on the scene. You can check out the list below in the links that breaks them into different genres and the puts them in order of release dates (year). What are your favorites? Which do you despise the most?

Plus we talked about the heat wave which is planning to maybe climb into the triple digits and stay around for about a week. We should all take time to check on neighbors, the elderly and family and be sure that everyone is safe and COOL!

Have a question for our next show? Email us with it and we'll read it on the air and also comment/answer it for you as well.

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List of Reality Shows - Wikipedia

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