Sunday, July 24, 2011

Show Notes - 07/24/2011

Our friend Sean Sublette the Chief Meteorologist at ABC-13 in Lynchburg, VA joined us on the show to talk about the recent heat wave and explained that although we feel hot here on the East Coast, we probably are relatively cool compared to some other areas. Also, he said that the heat index calculations may need some updating and we figure that right now heat index allows us to share with each other whose number is bigger. Sean also says to be on the lookout because Hurricane Don will be next so that means we can prepare to ceremoniously give Don Beam his new name.

Joel swept off the old soap box and got on top to discuss the debt ceiling problem with President Obama's new scare tactics or threat about suspending Social Security checks in August. So now he has beaten down the poor, he has bitch-slapped the middle class and now he will mug the elderly. It seems that he is asking for an escort right out of the oval office. Stay Tuned...

Tonight was the monthly segment with Kay Stout that we call Ideas For A Challenging Economy. Tonight we ask the question: If someone is looking to possibly relocate geographically, where are the best opportunities? Kay says that number 1 on her list is Texas. She said that as a whole, the State of Texas is growing very large in business and is a great place with a great diverse people and climate. Second choice is North Dakota which she states if you can stand freezing winters and hot summers, they have a very attractive 3.2% unemployment rate. Kay was then joined by voice artist Brian Richy and discussed with him his art of doing voice over work and they shared resources for people to perhaps tap into that inner self to draw out that outer voice. Find out more about him by visiting his website below.

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