Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Show Notes - 07/26/2011

Tonight we were talking about politically incorrect terms. In fact we have no idea why the hell these terms or words had to be changed as they were, for the most part, FINE. Here is the promised list from The New Book Of Lists:

12 Politically Incorrect Terms and Their Alternatives

  • BORING - Differently Interesting; Charm-Free
  • DEAD - Terminally Inconvenienced
  • DISHONEST - Morally Different; Ethically Disoriented
  • DRUNK - Sobriety-Deprived
  • HERPES - His 'n' herpes
  • MAFIOSO - Member of a Career-Offender Cartel
  • MEAT - Processed Animal Carcasses; Scorched Corpses of Animals
  • OLD JOKE - Previously Recounted Humorous Narrative
  • PANHANDLER - Unaffiliated applicant for private sector funding
  • SHOPLIFTER - Nontraditional Shopper
  • SNOWMAN - Person of Snow
  • WHITE(person) - Melanin-Impoverished

We also updated the latest news about President Obama demanding compromise on the debt ceiling issue and also threatening to veto plans that he basically does not like. It is OUR OPINION that he is only interested in plans that allow him to keep spending blank checks and not really caring how it affects WE THE PEOPLE. What are your thoughts?

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Politically Incorrect Dictionary
Obama Threatens Another Veto - Article
Carney to FOX News, "Tell your viewers there's nothing to worry about". - Article

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